Monday, March 26, 2012

Three Days of Kayaking-Finally Got The "Big" One

March 23:  Day off, what a great day it would turn out to be. I got to the Missouri River and saw a bald eagle flying up the river. I had just put my camera away when I saw it flying majestically, Murphy's Law. The river was like a sheet of glass which is totally surprising for a river. I wanted to kayak over to Goat Island and go for a hike.

Sand bars galore! 

Goat Island introduction, used to actually have goats on it.
 It is on the Nebraska side of the Missouri

Passed the Smallest City Hall in America.
Maskell, Nebraska-population 54.
After a three hour hike and many cuts, scratches, blood, and a possible tick I decided to hit up my old spot of Powder Creek Dam. Not one soul in site today.  Decided to fish it up with a spinner, and a jig.
Finally caught something!!!
Just drifting away again....

Great day. Followed by a nice night. The two bright
lights are Venus and Jupiter. 
March 24: Loaded up the kayaking and drove a whopping five minutes to Crystal Cove Lake. Another picture perfect day, no wind! I had to work later so decided to stay close. I am not a huge fan of the Lake due to the amount of people around it and a couple of boats. I like my peace and quite- the feeling of having a place to your self is amazing.  Decided to go with a spinner-jig today.
Crystal Cove 
I floated and fished for about four hours. I got a bobber and a Frisbee Disc. There is a disc golf course that goes around the lake. The loop is around two miles. Someone's disc must have gotten away from them!

March 25: Sunday Funday. The forecast said another beautiful day. I went to Powder Creek and it was about 50 degrees and cloudy. I was a little chilled-the forecast said 80, hopefully they weren't wrong, I didn't have warm clothes on me. About three hours into my adventure the clouds started to blow away and the bright yellow thing peaked out of the sky.
Finally coming out! 

As it warmed up the wildlife started to come out. 

Stank wanted to try fishing. She decided to go
with worms, but she kept eating them! 
I got snagged and was totally upset since I had to paddle all the way back to my car for another hook. Note to self bring extras. As I was paddling back.....

A fisherman made the same mistake as me,
a quick cut and had myself a new hook. 
I was on my way again minding my business when I got one!

First fish of the season

Stank tried to eat the fish too! 
I threw him back and his buddy then came to visit me! I think my sizes are going in the wrong direction.
Nice tips. 

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  1. WOO! Good job on the fish! If you want my secret to catching lots of panfish... small and bigger ones too, buy some gulp maggots (plastics embedded with scent, come in a jar, last for years, don't have to worry about worms dying), use a size 6 or 8 hook, and get some thill shy bite floats. The only down side to this is that you won't catch bigger bass with the gulp maggots. Of course, I have lost some big fish that I never saw what they were. Those floats though will make you never miss a nibble though!