Sunday, March 4, 2012

Heart of February

February 15: Well bowling was okay to me. Bowled a 118, 127, 132. Still no 200.
Strike Zone in Vermillion. Two years ago they got automatic
scoring-big time!

February 16: Nebraska is the birthplace of the Reuben sandwich. (This is your fun fact of the day :)!)

Looks good! 

February 17: Loves a snowy morning!
On my way to work! No one said taking pictures
 and driving was illegal...

February 18: Another great morning, this beautiful one I went geocaching. I can't tell you the last time I went in Nebraska. I dropped off a trackable and picked up another!

Crystal Cove 

February 19: Totally player Mario Kart for N64 all alone today! Was a nice alone day :) Here we goooooo, watch out for the bananas!

February 20: Pondering....I know super scary....Well, it is official we can play softball at the facility at the High School. I have some work to do, I love that it is at the High School so more people attend the games. The field is not enclosed due to the flooding last year we shotgunned our season and moved it up to the High School. The field isn't enclosed, we use an orange construction fence for our outfield fence. I really want a batting cage, so now I have to number crunch and see how much it will be to get one!!
Softball field after the flood. You can see the line of "crap"
 which measure how high the water was
The softball shed, can see the water line. 

February 21: Full moon. You can tell by the sky and wild kids!

Yes, that's the moon!!! I thought it was a pretty cool picture. 


  1. 1. Arbys invented ruebens. I saw it on that commercial.

    2. Why do you need a batting cage if they can't even hit the ball? It should be pretty easy to retrieve.

    3. That is a cool picture! Did you take that?

  2. 1. They lied.

    2. Ouch. We want to get better that's why we want them.

    3. What picture???

  3. Yes, I did!! From my back deck :)