Monday, March 26, 2012

Three Days of Kayaking-Finally Got The "Big" One

March 23:  Day off, what a great day it would turn out to be. I got to the Missouri River and saw a bald eagle flying up the river. I had just put my camera away when I saw it flying majestically, Murphy's Law. The river was like a sheet of glass which is totally surprising for a river. I wanted to kayak over to Goat Island and go for a hike.

Sand bars galore! 

Goat Island introduction, used to actually have goats on it.
 It is on the Nebraska side of the Missouri

Passed the Smallest City Hall in America.
Maskell, Nebraska-population 54.
After a three hour hike and many cuts, scratches, blood, and a possible tick I decided to hit up my old spot of Powder Creek Dam. Not one soul in site today.  Decided to fish it up with a spinner, and a jig.
Finally caught something!!!
Just drifting away again....

Great day. Followed by a nice night. The two bright
lights are Venus and Jupiter. 
March 24: Loaded up the kayaking and drove a whopping five minutes to Crystal Cove Lake. Another picture perfect day, no wind! I had to work later so decided to stay close. I am not a huge fan of the Lake due to the amount of people around it and a couple of boats. I like my peace and quite- the feeling of having a place to your self is amazing.  Decided to go with a spinner-jig today.
Crystal Cove 
I floated and fished for about four hours. I got a bobber and a Frisbee Disc. There is a disc golf course that goes around the lake. The loop is around two miles. Someone's disc must have gotten away from them!

March 25: Sunday Funday. The forecast said another beautiful day. I went to Powder Creek and it was about 50 degrees and cloudy. I was a little chilled-the forecast said 80, hopefully they weren't wrong, I didn't have warm clothes on me. About three hours into my adventure the clouds started to blow away and the bright yellow thing peaked out of the sky.
Finally coming out! 

As it warmed up the wildlife started to come out. 

Stank wanted to try fishing. She decided to go
with worms, but she kept eating them! 
I got snagged and was totally upset since I had to paddle all the way back to my car for another hook. Note to self bring extras. As I was paddling back.....

A fisherman made the same mistake as me,
a quick cut and had myself a new hook. 
I was on my way again minding my business when I got one!

First fish of the season

Stank tried to eat the fish too! 
I threw him back and his buddy then came to visit me! I think my sizes are going in the wrong direction.
Nice tips. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

March is rolling...


March 19: Launched my Fun With Pasta fundraiser! Need that batting cage.

Super Cute if you want some :) 
March 20: Bowling night! What I night I had! I laced up my shoes and was in the zone. Best  night of the year 123, 136, and 161--watch out 200!!!! I am on a roll!!!
Missed too many spares! 
March 21: "I'm a big deal" J.C--Enough said....
If JC isn't around Simon always makes me laugh. 

March 22: Who needs therapy when you have friends. You realize what matters when you become older! You don't need many friends just good ones! "The only way to have friends, is to be one."

Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Continues-Date Night Jar

March 18: Well today is my One Year Anniversary. Rick and I never can decide on what to do. I saw this idea on pinterest and decided to do a date jar but change it up a little.

              Mason Jar
              Tongue Depressors
              Black Sharpie Marker
              Super Glue
              Black Paint
              Yellow Paint
              White Paint
              Sparkle Glaze
              Black Ribbon

The products cost me a total of $6.43, due to already having a lot of the products in my house.

Step 1: Paint the tongue depressors. I choose white, black, and yellow due to the fact my boyfriend likes the Pittsburgh Steelers!!! I wish :( he likes...cough...cough...cough-Iowa Hawkeyes--which hurts since I am a Husker fan! Like the saying always goes..opposites attract!

The products

Needed a couple of more after getting started
Step 2: Paint the tongue depressors: black, white, and yellow.
Simon wanted to help me paint!!
Step 3: Write fun activities on the sticks. I chose black to be a filler stick. White not as much planning or money and yellow is more planning and money. The possibilities are endless!!!!

White: Take a walk              Board Games            Popcorn and a man flick
           Cook Dinner             Make Cookies          Sit outside
           Homemade pizza      Geocaching                Put together a puzzle

Yellow:  Omaha Zoo            Fishing                      Go to a baseball game
              Camping                Look at dogs             Top Chief Challenge
              Kayaking               Progressive Meal       IMAX Movie
All my date sticks!
Step 4: Put it all in your jar. I found out that since my lid was in two pieces it was better to glue it together and then paint it with a clear sparkly coat of paint! I then super glued a ribbon around it and put a key for the sticks!!! 
Final product

View from up top!!!

I gave it to Rick and he loved it!!! What a relief. He liked how I made the colors towards his team and not girly. :) Point for me!!

March Rolls On....

March 13: Grilled out tonight. Usually when I try to grill out this early I have to fight the snow! Made some hamburgers and hotdogs that were amazing!!
Old grill but it works!!!!

March 14: Last thing I will complain about is the weather!
7 day forecast! 
March 15: I kept seeing all these posts about people standing up brooms. So I googled the subject and found out it has to do with the Equinox and the position of the planets. I also saw one with an egg. I did the egg and broom together!!!
Maybe I should quit my job....
March 16: Opening day for baseball season!!! Oh, how I've missed you sunflower seeds. There was two baseball games tonight and after the sun went down I put on a wind breaker (had shorts on) usually I have four blankets on me!!!! What a great night!

March 17: St. Patrick's Day. Usually this is a crazy day for me. Let's just say it has been in years past. Wearing ridiculous outfits, getting in fights, running at 4am to my car with wet hair. Would this year be a repeat??? No, this was the only year since I had turned 21 I had not gone out. There comes a point where you grow older and realize that it isn't worth fighting the crowds (all whom think they're Irish), trying to find a way home, and then waking up the next day always regretting something.

Rick and I went golfing in 82 degree weather today. I had never gotten on the course this early in the year. My golf game struggled as a result of being off for the winter. The years of softball playing seem to always come out the first couple of times in the year. I like to try and step then pull my head, resulting in my poor attempt of shooting a 56.
Green water!

Simon taking in the sun rays!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

So Not a Lion.

Before the day started....
Had to make sure my sandwich fit before I
headed out!!!! 

March 12: Last day off, boy with the weather right now I wish I had all week. Forecast says 68 and partly cloudy. Wake up it is rainy and cloudy...I think to myself that the meteorologist is wrong again. I took care of a couple of things hoping the weather will clear up to go out kayaking. I start putting on the kayak and it is  still rainy,cloudy, and just dreary out.
I even got some worms for my big day, I was
hoping the milk was good luck to store
it next too! 

I was thinking is this the best move...I drove out to Powdercreek to try out my fishing skills while kayaking. I had the lake all to myself. Not one other person showed up all day while I was there.

Got my pole..should of brought my littler one
Weather was starting to clear up, but still some waves. Making it a little harder to fish and stay semi-put. I was having no luck in the kayak with any fish so.....
Tried fishing from shore
Still nothing....I walked some of the shore to see if there was any fish and I didn't see them. Not sure when they stock the lake. I have fished here in previous years and caught some sunfish. Since I wasn't having any luck I decided to switch locations.  And to give up fishing....

There is a place called Goat Island on the Nebraska/South Dakota border. I know they have some geocaches, wasn't too sure how the flood was on them so I headed north. 
The sandbar goes forever!!!
Well I found out where I launched at (the only place I knew of) was two miles down river--the Missouri River. The river was nice and calm, but I still underestimated the power to paddle upstream. There are many sand bars now created due to the flood and the low water levels at this point in the season. Made it kind of difficult.  I thought I did pretty good had to paddle and even carry my kayak across sandbars to get to more water. There was a final sandbar which was .7 long followed by water. I decided that was enough and I wasn't going to get to the geocaches today. I walked around the sandbar for awhile since the weather got really nice. 

Huge sandbars, carried the kayak across this one. 

Stank's first encounter with the dead. 

The only thing I caught today

Since I saw some of the dead fish I headed for this tiny pond. 

I thought maybe I could find some fish to rescue in the water that was trapped. I would hate to see more dead fish because of this. I tried to get close but started sinking to bad and getting stuck. I couldn't get close enough to check it out. 

Some of the sandbar drop offs-  a couple of feet

Not sure what exactly this was, looked like mussels, but I
don't think those are in the Missouri River. 

Cool piece of wood. 

The colors on this wood was nothing else
I had seen on the sandbar. 
 Let's just say the paddle back was a lot easier. I have now researched and found a place A LOT closer to go in at Goat's Island.

The Lion is Not Fierce...

March 7: Bowled after kayaking last night...esh... 127,132,118...sooo not close to a 200. Good news I'm off for five days AND my mom flies in!!!

March 8: Went shopping with my mom today. Bought a chair I have wanted for at least 8 years!!! My mom finally met my boyfriend's parents. Whew-it went good :)
Simon likes the chair too!

March 9: Went to Lincoln for the day. Mom had never been there and we wanted to watch  Boy's basketball in state. We had time to kill so headed to the old Haymarket. It's got a cool rustic feeling! Decided to eat at Buzzard Billy's a Armadillo/ Cajun place. Wanted to try something new! They had alligator so I decided to go for it. Alligator with crawfish patties and hush puppies! It was awesome! Would so get it again. Mom got jumbalia. First time I tried that too-if your ever in town you should try it. I love Swamp People so I kind of felt the need to go here!!!

 Boy's won their game and our in the championship tomorrow. Since we were going to the championship game we stayed the night in Omaha. That was an early night for me-bazinga!

Want a mint??

March 10: Went to Cabelas to get a better life vest. One that is matchy-matchy and doesn't ride when I sit..
A moose outside of Cabela's 
Then off to the championship game. Boy's were not hot shooting and ended up losing by three. It has been a great three years watching that team. Drove back home- I was exhausted by the end of the night!

March 11: Drove to Omaha and said goodbye to my mom. My little truck has really put the miles on last week. Bought my fishing license today, suppose to be nice tomorrow!!!
Sorry a little blurry...don't take pictures and drive!!! 70 even..

Sunday, March 11, 2012

In Like a Lion?

March 1: Now I have to get a life vest. I am a matchy-matchy person. The only ones I can find in town are blue!!! They do not match my kayak by any means. I may just have to pick one up till I can get to Omaha. My brother sent me a website to get some cool ones but they don't do returns and I am not sure I like that.

March 2: Today, I wonder what I was think trying to launch a fundraiser for softball in the middle of getting ready for prom. Crazy or stupid?? This time I am doing something totally different to try selling pasta. The pasta has many different shapes of various hobbies. A cool thing is that you can order from the website and ship it to your house. I am getting the website ready to go!

March 3: Went back and got the blue vest-it is suppose to be 70 on Tuesday and I am going to take full advantage of it on the kayak!!!

March 4: I still need my paddle so I can go kayaking tomorrow......keep your fingers crossed!

March 5: Rushed home after work hoping my paddle would be home. I pulled up and didn't see it. I got  sad, but the delivery man put it in my door! I was SUPER excited, loaded up my kayak, and headed to a spot called Powder Creek Dam/Reservoir. It was built in 2002 so very new! They built it to help with flooding and duel as a recreation function. It is located in rural Nebraska about 40 minutes from me. The Reservoir is stocked so I will be fishing in it. I bought a water proof back the other day hoping it would keep my phone and keys dry. Didn't do a bad job!!!
My new favorite photo!
Sun set from a kayak!

Trees are still visible from when they filled it
the effect on the bottom was from the bad-sorry!
I paddled around till the sun set and the wind was starting to pick up. I loaded up my kayak and headed to bowling!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Finishing out February

February 22:  Four months to Moose's wedding on the beach!!! Can't wait!!!

February 23: SPAM is produced in Fremont, Nebraska! 

February 24: The world's smallest police station is in Friend, Nebraska. The bad thing is I have been there to play a slow pitch softball tournament. When you get off the exit you take a left in less then 200 feet it turns to a dirt lie!!!

February 25: I am also an Athletic Trainer (not sure if I have said that before) for the Sioux City Bandits. The Sioux City Bandits are an indoor football team. We won the championship last year, lets see if we can repeat. Practice started today!!!

In action!N Not the best view...

Everyone has to drink out of the cup!!

February 26: BEST DAY EVER!!!! I GOT MY KAYAK!!!! I did go with the inflatable roof rack and got the Pelican Kayak. 
There it is on my new roof rack! 
My new love!!!

February 27: My brother ordered my paddle for my kayak!!! Can't wait till it gets here!!! Thanks Toddy, I love you and miss you!!! 
We went fishing this summer, this was our "big" catch

February 28: What should I name my kayak????????? Seriously, I love to name my stuff. My Honda Accord is actually named "Truck" because it gets through EVERYTHING!!! Out in Nebraska we have tons of dirt roads and he loves to push through them!!! Please help me think of a name?!?!

February 29: Leap year!!! One week till my mom comes to visit!!!