Friday, December 30, 2011


I am sitting here in the airport realizing I have a great life. The worst part is my heart is torn in two different time zones.

Eastern time zone has my family. The roots of me are very important. I wouldn't be where I am today without them! I cherish every minute I have with them since it isn't a lot!

Central time zone has my love and job. My friends are amazing and are always there for me. I would not have made it through some days without them. I love my job(s) they keep me active and getting up everyday!! Last, central time zone has the love of my life.

Will they ever collide?? I really hope so...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Planes, taxis, trains, and automobiles...all trips should be this exciting!

I have never been so excited to go home to see my family. The last two weeks seemed like it dragged on. I worked part of the day and finally got to leave to catch my flights to Binghamton, I would be in at 11:07P.M. Which wasn't too shabby considering I NEVER get a flight into Binghamton.

1:47 P.M-Rick dropped me off at Sioux City's Airport and then he went back to work. I had to wait a half hour before the security opened since this airport is super small. Security opened, everyone and their mother thought they could bring liquid bigger then 3.5 ounces on to the plane. After it took me 30 minutes to get through security in the world's smallest airport I should have known I was in for a messed up trip. The plane took off to Minneapolis, Minnesota no problem. Next stop Detroit...

4:01 P.M.-I land in Minneapolis and the weather is amazing. I check my board and every flight in the column is "on time" except for my connecting flight to Detroit, "delayed." I freaked. I would not make my connecting flight. No family for me. When you see them twice a year every minute is precious.

I go to the help line, they re-book me for a flight the next day to Binghamton, I won't get in to 4:00PM the next day. I totally have a mental breakdown in the airport. Sometimes you just need a good cry. I go for a walk thinking to myself that these airport bars are really going to make a killing off of me. Next stop the bar...

5:05 P.M.-I get to the help desk to see what they can do. They only can do so much due to their "powers," AKA the lady behind the desk was lazy and didn't want to help me. She probably didn't want to be the only one alone on Christmas Eve, so was trying to drag me with her. I find out that there is a flight into LaGuardia Airport, New York, New York. I get on the help line again and the lady behind the desk is telling me I cannot do it and won't give me the flight number. But, I book the flight despite the "unfriendly" lady at the counter.

5:11 P.M-I get on the flight to LaGuardia and tell my mom to figure out the rest so I can get home. Next stop LaGuardia ticked counter.

5:19 P.M-I am the LAST one on the flight, so every compartment is packed and my luggage ends up in the back of the plane, I am in the front. Sweeet. Next stop LaGuardia...esh...

8:42 P.M-Flight lands in LaGuardia with no big hiccups.  I receive an e-mail from my mom that I need to be at Grand Central station to get a train out of the city at 9:51 P.M. Which means I have a little more then a hour to get from Queens to Manhattan.  I Google map it and have 8.6 miles and there are no subways to Manhattan. So next stop a taxi!

8:47 P.M- I walk out the front doors and find a taxi right away. Next stop Grand Central Station.

9:09 P.M- I get to Grand Central Station, perfect timing, don't have to worry about much. I go to the help kiosk since I can't find the train to Port Jervis. They tell me I needed to be at Penn Station!!!! Mom told me the wrong station. I need to quick get on a subway so I can get out of the city. I get to the subway tickets and one of them is taken, so one left! I hear "Train to time square is approaching in one minute." I put in $2.50 but don't have the cash machine one. Denied. *sweet* Ask the guy  next to me he says I have to do $4.50, I do it and don't look back. Make it onto the subway. Next stop Time Square.

9:14 P.M- Time Square. Now I need the subway to Penn Station. Next stop Penn Station.

9:21 P.M- Penn Station. I get off, recognize it from previous times but cannot figure how to get to the Metro Train North line. I walk in a circle for a couple of minutes and finally ask someone. I head into the terminal. I see Long Island Line, which I know isn't right, wait in line.....I get up to the window, they tell me I need to be in Grand Central Station...WHAT??? I just came from there...The tell me instead to head upstairs. Next stop Metro North ticket counter.

9:33 P.M.- I get in line at the New Jersey Transit--still not the same line, after I have tried for the last 12 minutes to figure out where I was going. I get up to the window and....

9:40 P.M.-I find out I am in the right line!!!! I bought my ticket and head into the terminal. Next stop the train to Secaucus Junction.

9:48 P.M- I'm distracted by a girl in a Santa outfit playing "Baby, it's cold outside," with the banjo, neon sunglasses on, AND hula hooping. I never wanted to take a video soooo bad in my life but I had to catch this train. Next stop really the train to Secaucus Junction.

9:50 P.M- I get on the train, it is packed, departure time is in one minute. The Ranger vs. Philly hockey game just got out. The train is a double decker and nice. I know I am in the wrong train due to past travels (I never get on nice trains), so it will be short lived. Next stop Secaucus Junction.

10:02 P.M- I get to the Secaucus Junction. I have to go back through a ticket processing station. Find another terminal I am suppose to get to. Look at the clock I have four minutes to catch my train... Next stop train to Port Jervis.

10:07 P.M- On the train to Port Jervis!!! I can relax. Except I have a long train ride-longest one I have ever been on out of the city due to I am on the local line so it stops at everything....oh well--family here I come!! Next stop Port Jervis.

12:27 A.M.- I get off the train with a bunch of drunks and very little lighting. This station only has a platform--no real terminal and my mom isn't there yet. Head to a near by Burger King thinking I can hit up the restroom and get some dice it is closed. Wait for a couple of minutes and here is my mom!!!

12:35 A.M- I have my mom, I get food and hit up a restroom. I am happy :). Next stop home!

2:22 A.M.- I get home.

It wasn't my typical trip, but with me-what is!!! I was 3 hours behind schedule but it beats waiting until 4:00 P.M. the next day. Family is #1 in my life.

P.S- Oh, don't fly Delta.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Harvest Season

Yellow, red, and orange leaves start to fall. The mornings are cold and brisk, a wet dew forms on the car windows. The sound of tractors are in the background. The grain elevators have a long line of trucks waiting to drop off there corn.

Then I wake up and realize its not a dream. What am I doing with my life and how'd I end up in Nebraska. I go through my routine day after day but, there's something special about this week. It's Halloween!

This is the week I get to stick knifes in big, plump, odd shaped, orange things. My favorite time if the year. I'm not sure why I like carving so much, since of satisfaction, releasing frustrations, or just reliving my younger days.

I like to do the fancy carvings. The more complicated the better! I need a good challenge after long days among primates.

The best of my three pumpkins this year (Slacking!)

This year I switched it up and went out with some friends the Thursday before Halloween. Everyone needs it once and awhile! Nothing like fingers and eyeballs floating around in your drinks. We went to a haunted house  to check out the fake blood, bad make- up and chainsaws. It was quite humorous leading a pack of ladies who freak about a bug flying around. The haunted house was not the place for them!!! The only real blood I saw was from the nails digging into my skin.

I didn't dress up this year like I have in years past. Oh well, it happens!! It was a good week--especially when you get to make homemade pumpkin seeds!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


It feels good to take a personal day. I think everyone needs one once in awhile! This one was I took to go to the Iowa hawkeye game with my boyfriend and his family. I was pumped to go to my first big college game ever!!

We went out Friday night for the game on Saturday. The game was Saturday night which was a bad thing. If you know me you know why it was a bad thing!! Rick found tickets while we were tailgating, which I'm very glad he did :)

Iowa won the game, the stadium did an awesome American flag with cardboard that each game watcher had. I would go back there again.

Result of the weekend=kidney stone.

Sunflower Seeds-- the Addiction in My Life

Softball started on August 8 in Nebraska. Which I am not really a fan of! I grew up in New York so softball was in the Spring and Summer.  I am a die hard softball fan. I poured my heart into it when I was a player and now that I am a coach. Many sleepless nights were in store during season. Which means I get cranky and my blog is not as funny (maybe you don't think it is now). The team is coming together and we have a pitcher this year. One pitcher can make a world of difference!! When softball comes there is only one thing that can get me through the season..Sunflower seeds!! Man how I love them!

Even Simon loves Softball season!

Well anyways we had our season this year. It is a crazy two months and I can't believe it is over!

We ended up finishing the year 4 and 21. If you look at the record it doesn't seem that great, but many records were broken. We now have the most wins in history-woot woot, scored the most wins in a game with 13 and mercyed an opponent for the first time ever. We lost four games by one run so that is always hard when the game could have gone both ways.

Since I have more time now I will continue my updates on my life a lot more now :). Maybe I will become funny again...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I can go forever on "E".....

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile it has been CRAZY!!!! After NY I drove to the BURGH to see my Wolfpack one last time this year!!! I got in on Thursday night after a ridiculous drive of construction+accidents=sitting on the interstate (aka cutting into my drinking time!).

I got to Mills's house and we caught up while waiting for Moose to arrive after her slow pitch game.  It was a pretty low key night for us and a beautiful one to sit out on the deck. Of course we ate slim jims!

On Friday, Mills worked so Moose and I hung out which equaled a totally bronette moment by her. Yes, Bro-nette that's what she called herself one night in NY. We were coming back from Dave's house with her tank running on "E." With the gas light on. (Mind you Mills ran out of gas once less then 5 minutes after saying she could go forever on E a couple years back). Moose just passed a gas station and wanted to make it to the next since it was 4 cents cheaper! That is the Jew in her (love ya). We were headed up a hill when she lost power steering in her already no air conditioned car. We coasted onto a side road. Where I preceded to tell her I don't think she can go FOREVER on E. So, needless to say we had to call Dave to help us out. In the mean time it was very warm out and we were sweating ridiculously which caused us to loose a couple layers of clothes...oops!!!Thank you Dave for rescuing us with gas and a well deserved water-1 liter!!!! At least earlier in the day we caught a glimpse of the batmoblie since the new batman is being filmed in Pittsburgh!!!

Oh ya!!! 1 liter--boy did I chug that thing 

Dave filling up the gas tank!!! Yes--5 gallon jug...

After being rescued we went to the Pittsburgh Pirates game with Mills and Jen. We had standing room only since the Pirates were doing so well--until that week. We chilled in a the parking lot for awhile and then went in, they were giving away free shirts--which I can't seem to locate at the present time...We hung out in our standing room for a couple of minutes and then went to hire ground to get some seats! We had a great view and fun eating peanuts and cotton candy. Pirates lost the a lot.. but we had fun!!!

After the game we went and visited our friend at the fox and the hound. Which was not very smart since I had to get up at 6 the next morning! Oh well when your young you like to have fun!!!

I got up at 6 like planned and had a smooth ride back to Nebraska. The next day I finally moved my stuff back into my place due to the flooding and chilled by the pool since softball started the next day.

Summer is over...going back to reality...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Last Couple of Days in New York

These are my last couple of days in New York. Moose and I had to do nitty gritty stuff and drove around Binghamton on Monday. Nothing too special--just love spending time with my bestie!

On are way to Vestal! (Nice shirt)

Moo and I shopped around for a bit and printed off some pictures so we could make a cool cork picture holder (even though I cut my hand doing it) for Spammy and Mom. We had some lunch at Moe's--we were sooooo hungry we didn't realize we ate each other's burrito!!!! Classic. 

Moose crossing!!

The rest of the day we chilled out in the pool and hot tub!!!

Plank in the hot tub! 

If you are in the hot tub you better have your Red Cat!!

Of course she HAD to come!!!

Is she drowning Moo???

After the hot tub we had to get one of our favorite games in!!!
That's me!!!!

Moose left this morning and made her second solo trip of her life! I get a couple more days with her this summer and then back to the normal life in Nebraska. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Boating times...

The Weather Channel said forecast today 86 degrees, mostly sunny. 

Decided today would be a great day to go tubing and boating on Cayuga Lake in Ithaca. Moose was still here and she is a water rat. We had to stop at the Shortstop Deli for some sammies and snacks!!!. I got the RBI sandwich--my new fav!! Mom got the Mixed Meat...fitting. Moose got the Corned Beef. They can toast them just like the old days at Bob's Sub Shop in Clarion. After getting our sammies we were on our way to the lake. Got the boat in no problems. The parking lot was quickly filling up with boats and other eager people to take advantage of the "beautiful" day.

The Stank Eyed Swan was super pumped to get on the lake where she belongs. The sun then went away and the rain came out for ten minutes to play. The clouds also then stuck around all day. I have never seen so many boats on the lake in my was a crazy day of traffic.

Loving life :)

Of course we had to take Diablo out for a ride! It was a little choppy which makes it harder to stay on. We always practice safe riding and wear our life vests!!

She will float in case of a storm!!

Diablo kicked our butts! 

Moose got tore up on her knees and random scratches!!

I learned how to drive the boat today!!! Even put it in the dock and backed the boat up. I'm growing up to be such a big girl!!! 

Moral of today: Don't go by what the weather says. 

Who knows what will happen tomorrow with Moose in town!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Round 2 NY Tour and Cheese :)

After round one of the Finger Lakes Wine Tour we didn't really get to too many places so we wanted to go again!!! We got out of the house a lot earlier this hold ups!! and no Spammy :( (she had to work).  Moose and I mapped out the new route the night before--gotta have a plan! We wanted to hit up a cheese place to start the day--Oh, how we LOVE our cheese. Mom was a little scared since it was a "goat cheese" place.

No Moose crossing??? In NY we have goats!!

This farm--Lively Run Goat Dairy was off the beaten path by a couple of inches (there was no miles on the map--so everything is in inches).  The knowledgeable goat lady serving the cheese had a funky accent couldn't figure out where she was from!  It takes 7 gallons of goat milk to make ONLY 1 gallon of goat cheese!!!We tried Chevre (pepper corn, garlic and pepper, and dill), Feta (real Feta is actually made from Sheep and Goat's milk) it has been aged in brine, Blue Moon (not the beer) and Cayuga Blue is a unique blue cheese and is nice and creamy!! (Who doesn't like things that are creamy??) and a "special" kind which didn't have a name-it was very blue cheese strong. We then went to the barn to see the goats after...I didn't pet any... They kinda freak me out.

Were the three best friends that anyone can have....

Good cheese day :) LOVE it!!!!

Our next stop was Swedish Hill Winery aka Swedish Fish to Moose. They had a mini donkey named Doobie and have made a couple of wines after. I never had been there before, but I am glad we stopped!! It's a sister winery of Goose Watch--which we were not impressed with this time around!

Doobie Dobbie Doo

After having some Swedish fish we took a little jaunt over to Three Brothers Winery. This was built in 2007. It had three wineries and a micro brewery. What a smart idea!! We bought passports for $10 and you could taste at all of the drinking establishments!! First up was Passion Feet Winery- for those who live life with laughter and abandon. They had super cute girly names for wines that dealt with dating/marriage/heart break (everyone can relate) Not Moose's fav, she doesn't like the sweet stuff. But, at the vary end they give you a slushy!! Ohh now that's heaven in your mouth :)

Across the driveway was Stony Lonesome Estates for those who appreciate the finer things in life. This was in Moose's diamond--dry the way she likes it! The server was super nice and gave us some corks for our wine board! We took some gorgeous pics here off the deck looking into the vineyard (or grape field to Moo:)) amidst the 100 bridal bachelorette parties encompassing the place!

Super cute :)

Down below the driveway and around the swamp--ya swamp people--was Bagg Dare Wine Co. for those would would rather spend their time in a dive bar (obviously this is MY place :)) The wine names were funny/dirty. For example: Well Hung, 69 Ways to Have Fun, Poor Limp Richard, Ride'er All Night, Driv'er Home, and Skirt Lifter.
Dare to enter the Swamp????

We continued up the winding path to our last stop... War Horse Brewing Company.  We had to stop because I got SOOOOOOOOOOO thirsty but we were in the door and sampling beers faster than Moose could fall down the 1st step to the joint (which she did:))  We were able to sample 5 of their micro brews and I got a present here for my bf in a growler which has their emblem an awesome beer on/in it!  I bought some ice and a cooler on site and we were on our way... as Moose said "wait a sec" and came back to the car with her new headband and 2 Pom Slushies (Pomegranate Mixed with 90 seconds of heaven wine- blended with ice...YUM) and we were on the road with the roadies!
Who would put their head under the grain bin???

We headed down the road... I'm talking 500 feet..and no we didn't walk... we stopped at our friend Nicole's (Furny) recommendation;  Zugibe Winery. This winery is new, 2009 and had the best view of all of the wineries.  Breathtaking view on the "porch" in their classy relaxing chairs of the winery looking out in the field, over the greenery into the open Seneca Lake.   They also had a great wine rack which my mom took a pic of for "reference." :)
Next kitchen???

Heart her

We headed down about '3 inches' to Penguin Bay Winery.  We tasted their wines, including "Tuxedo Red" and "Tuxedo White" :). This winery sponsors the penguin exhibit at the Syracuse Zoo which I recently went to (see blog later) and was adorable.  The labels of all of the different wines were so cute and depicted penguins in acts such playing drums "Percussion Wine" and jumping into the ocean from the dryness of the "Cabernet Wine." We also learned that Penguin Bay was the 3rd sister in the Sister Series of Goose Watch, Swedish Hill and Penguin Bay Wineries.

Our next stop was a no brainer... HAZLITT Vineyards!  Hazlitt was voted one of the Best 25 Tasting Rooms in the US.  This is by far one of the most fun atmospheres and it was "Greyhound Weekend' all around the finger lakes in support and appreciation of rescued greyhounds and owners which is awesome.  Therefore, Greyhounds and their owners were welcomed into the wineries all weekend for drinks, benefits, promoting rescues and dogg-gone-fun!  We got our FREE tasting... hmmmm looks like we won over the taster dude at the door ;)- and indulged in popcorn and red cat... RED CAT, RED CAT, IT'S AN APHRODISIAC... RED CAT, RED CAT, IT WILL GET YOU IN THE SACK!!!

Ohhh man what a blink!

I got a free magnet from Four Square for logging in and 5 bottles of White Stag, 1 Red & 1 White Cat... we had time for just one more place...decisions... But this was not before Moose had to grab ANOTHER slushie... Red Cat Slushie to go!!!
Nice potty and stank eyed swan

Our last stop was 2 Goats Brewery where we were happily greeted by "OG" the rescued Greyhound who followed us around the brewery and we were given another breathtaking view-posted on a desk right out and over Seneca Lake and were able to "paint with all the colors of the wind-" Pale Ale, Amber Bach and  Oatmeal Stout.  Pretty AND refreshing...WIN!
Love the view and all the micro brews!

Great view

On the way home we stopped at Slaterville Springs in memory of AC Slater on Saved by the Bell. 
I wish we had a Screech town.

We had a great day and loved every minute of it!!! Looks like it will be a boating/tubing day tomorrow!

Friday, July 29, 2011

I'll Drink to That... NY Finger Lakes Wine. Tour

We began our day at 8am... this was after waiting for Moose to get here last night (we had bets running) at 10:49pm (Spam) after the poor girl got detoured off of I-80 East at the Lock Haven Exit due to an "ACCIDENT" at Exit 190 that is no where to be found on cyber space...but she was stopped in traffic for over an hour between Exit 178 and 180 where the Highway was closed off and all traffic was re-routed off the Highway... mystery of the year.

In any event, she arrived safe and sound after making the longest drive of her life (by herself) and we DRANK TO THAT upon her walking through the door!!!  We caught up looking through photo albums of our last trips (details to come...) and enjoyed some CL and GWD a la Spam :)

We were a little slow to wake but all completed the ritual of the 3 S's (Shit Shower Shave) OH--and a 4th for KT & MOO (spandex) and were on the road to the Finger Lakes...WINE COUNTRY!!!

After the hour drive or so in the on and off rain storm and having to pay $3.97 for gas because we used CREDIT (grrrrr) we arrived at our 1st stop... a newbie to the tour, Frontenac Point Vineyards...great view, nice staff, good start... not our fav wine.

Our next stop was one of our FAVS... an old treasure...Americana Vineyards.  We enjoyed our tasting as Spammy enjoyed her Fudge tasting (god love our DD) and we bought out the store... 16 bottles of assorted liquid goodness (or what moose would call) "A Velvet Blanket encompassing her tongue" we were on our way only after redeeming our smiles for 3...yes 3 free totes and I bought a hoodie depicting the 2 STARS of the winery...Max & Ruby <3.

Our next stop was Lucas Winery... the oldest winery on Cayuga Lake (1980) and had quite  "Nautie" Time.  This is where the wine started to kick in and we enjoyed some fun GLASSES and "free" corks :)

We followed our nose to the next stop...Sheldrake Point Winery which had a bistro which teased our pallates!  We resisted and Mom and I went right for the "Below" but of course Moose went for her dry reds...UGHHHH (P-P-P-Pucker Face my Pu-uck-er Face:)

We decided to fly over to the Thirsty Owl Yineyards next where we were greeted with a smile and a BAG full of corks... after we asked if we could have a FEW! (SCORE!!!  Moose is making a Cork Board for her Wedding and I am making a Cork Table!)

Bag of Corks??? Yes, please!!!

P.S--Happy Anniversary to Mom and Spammy!!! 17 years :)---Today---AKA Yesterday!! 

At this point, we decided (after watching a hot fresh cheesy flat bread go by) that maybe we should eat on the gorgeous deck of the Thirsty Owl and get more than crackers, "puffs" and bread morsels in us!

We decided to order a bottle of their "Tailspin" (woo woo Spammy) as well as a Cheese/Grape app because we're classy like that!  As we indulged and Moose fought off the bees, or flat bread tomato and mozz. pizza arrived as well as our fancy mac and cheese side.  Spammy and "Foo Foo" enjoyed OPEN FACED 'Roast Beast' sandwiches.  YUMMMMMMY!

Our waitress was the best and took pics as well as chased our menus, napkins and whatever else was flying off our table (including my mom!) and made sure we had the upper deck table- best seat in the house with a raised private view of the entire vineyard and Cayuga Lake...SCORE!

We traveled abut 500 yards down the road to the BARN and Cayuga Ridge Winery.  The classic barn setting was traditional and fun as Moose went up to the LOFT for a photo shoot.  At this point we realized that our time was coming to an end because it was 5:15pm and most of the wineries are only open until 5:30pm...HOW RUDE!

Spammy checked the map while we hurried our samples along and realized that we had room for 1 more that closed within our time limit (apparently 5:30--6:00p) and Goose Watch closed at 6:00pm.

We rushed down the road to our DIAMOND (shout out Jackie) on the and had our last tasting (with the worst service ever "handful of grapes"...really?!?!)  We exited in a haste and were upset enough to leave the bathroom door AJAR ;0  We captured some great pics of the lake as well as the GOOSE a--top the pond and we were on our way.

If you go to wine country or on the boat you have to stop for ice cream!!!! It is a given :)

Ice cream with the Stank Eyed Swan!!! :) 

Great wine, great company, and now a GREAT PLAN FOR TOMORROW TO HEAD UP THE OTHER SIDE OF CAYUGA/SENECA LAKES...stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Early bird gets the worm...

Todd came in last night so I was super excited to get to spend time with my brother since I never see him. We decided to get up early and go fishing before putting rafters on my grandparents garage. We woke up at 6 am ready to go and catch some dinner!! The river we went to was pretty shallow (nothing compared to the Missouri River in Nebraska!!) 

I can't tell you the last time we went fishing together and we told Mom we would bring home dinner!! We casted and casted, not one bite!! We saw many jump so we knew they were out there. We resorted to another kind of meat....crayfish! Todd caught the first one, it had only one claw. We moved down the river a little and tried there. Still no luck but I was determined to get at least a crayfish before we left! My determination paid off! 

Kissing the catch :)

This is the "big" catch we had to bring home to mom for dinner...we starved tonight!!

I love that my brother carries a fishing satchel!!! 

After fishing we had to go put rafters on my Grandparent's new garage roof. What a task!!! 

Got there around 8:30 am  and we though we were going to finish by the end of the day. Five of us were working hard! We hit a huge glitch!! The hydraulics on the lift died..tried thinking of other ways to get it done but didn't happen. Each of the rafters weigh at least 230 pounds!! Not to mention trying to stabilize them 30 feet up in the air. We had a Caterpillar lift that my Uncle even had on three wheels at one time! We got a little bit more then half done...who knew technology advances actually set you back! 
The "Nebraskan" getting it done in New York!

Moral of today...the early bird doesn't catch the worm. But, I did have a great day with my brother who I miss dearly!!!