Monday, August 1, 2011

Boating times...

The Weather Channel said forecast today 86 degrees, mostly sunny. 

Decided today would be a great day to go tubing and boating on Cayuga Lake in Ithaca. Moose was still here and she is a water rat. We had to stop at the Shortstop Deli for some sammies and snacks!!!. I got the RBI sandwich--my new fav!! Mom got the Mixed Meat...fitting. Moose got the Corned Beef. They can toast them just like the old days at Bob's Sub Shop in Clarion. After getting our sammies we were on our way to the lake. Got the boat in no problems. The parking lot was quickly filling up with boats and other eager people to take advantage of the "beautiful" day.

The Stank Eyed Swan was super pumped to get on the lake where she belongs. The sun then went away and the rain came out for ten minutes to play. The clouds also then stuck around all day. I have never seen so many boats on the lake in my was a crazy day of traffic.

Loving life :)

Of course we had to take Diablo out for a ride! It was a little choppy which makes it harder to stay on. We always practice safe riding and wear our life vests!!

She will float in case of a storm!!

Diablo kicked our butts! 

Moose got tore up on her knees and random scratches!!

I learned how to drive the boat today!!! Even put it in the dock and backed the boat up. I'm growing up to be such a big girl!!! 

Moral of today: Don't go by what the weather says. 

Who knows what will happen tomorrow with Moose in town!

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  1. 1) NY weathermen/weatherchicks SUCK! get Ron Burgundy and his team!

    2) Short Stop rocked!!! You think if I mail them an order they'll mail it back?!?!

    3) My knees are STILL swollen and bruised!!!

    4) You forgot to post a pic of Spammy/FooFoo's new lake house and our shared shed haha

    5) You need a tube like Bertha that I can sit in and not be mauled alive and sore 4 days later!!!

    6) XOXO