Sunday, July 31, 2011

Round 2 NY Tour and Cheese :)

After round one of the Finger Lakes Wine Tour we didn't really get to too many places so we wanted to go again!!! We got out of the house a lot earlier this hold ups!! and no Spammy :( (she had to work).  Moose and I mapped out the new route the night before--gotta have a plan! We wanted to hit up a cheese place to start the day--Oh, how we LOVE our cheese. Mom was a little scared since it was a "goat cheese" place.

No Moose crossing??? In NY we have goats!!

This farm--Lively Run Goat Dairy was off the beaten path by a couple of inches (there was no miles on the map--so everything is in inches).  The knowledgeable goat lady serving the cheese had a funky accent couldn't figure out where she was from!  It takes 7 gallons of goat milk to make ONLY 1 gallon of goat cheese!!!We tried Chevre (pepper corn, garlic and pepper, and dill), Feta (real Feta is actually made from Sheep and Goat's milk) it has been aged in brine, Blue Moon (not the beer) and Cayuga Blue is a unique blue cheese and is nice and creamy!! (Who doesn't like things that are creamy??) and a "special" kind which didn't have a name-it was very blue cheese strong. We then went to the barn to see the goats after...I didn't pet any... They kinda freak me out.

Were the three best friends that anyone can have....

Good cheese day :) LOVE it!!!!

Our next stop was Swedish Hill Winery aka Swedish Fish to Moose. They had a mini donkey named Doobie and have made a couple of wines after. I never had been there before, but I am glad we stopped!! It's a sister winery of Goose Watch--which we were not impressed with this time around!

Doobie Dobbie Doo

After having some Swedish fish we took a little jaunt over to Three Brothers Winery. This was built in 2007. It had three wineries and a micro brewery. What a smart idea!! We bought passports for $10 and you could taste at all of the drinking establishments!! First up was Passion Feet Winery- for those who live life with laughter and abandon. They had super cute girly names for wines that dealt with dating/marriage/heart break (everyone can relate) Not Moose's fav, she doesn't like the sweet stuff. But, at the vary end they give you a slushy!! Ohh now that's heaven in your mouth :)

Across the driveway was Stony Lonesome Estates for those who appreciate the finer things in life. This was in Moose's diamond--dry the way she likes it! The server was super nice and gave us some corks for our wine board! We took some gorgeous pics here off the deck looking into the vineyard (or grape field to Moo:)) amidst the 100 bridal bachelorette parties encompassing the place!

Super cute :)

Down below the driveway and around the swamp--ya swamp people--was Bagg Dare Wine Co. for those would would rather spend their time in a dive bar (obviously this is MY place :)) The wine names were funny/dirty. For example: Well Hung, 69 Ways to Have Fun, Poor Limp Richard, Ride'er All Night, Driv'er Home, and Skirt Lifter.
Dare to enter the Swamp????

We continued up the winding path to our last stop... War Horse Brewing Company.  We had to stop because I got SOOOOOOOOOOO thirsty but we were in the door and sampling beers faster than Moose could fall down the 1st step to the joint (which she did:))  We were able to sample 5 of their micro brews and I got a present here for my bf in a growler which has their emblem an awesome beer on/in it!  I bought some ice and a cooler on site and we were on our way... as Moose said "wait a sec" and came back to the car with her new headband and 2 Pom Slushies (Pomegranate Mixed with 90 seconds of heaven wine- blended with ice...YUM) and we were on the road with the roadies!
Who would put their head under the grain bin???

We headed down the road... I'm talking 500 feet..and no we didn't walk... we stopped at our friend Nicole's (Furny) recommendation;  Zugibe Winery. This winery is new, 2009 and had the best view of all of the wineries.  Breathtaking view on the "porch" in their classy relaxing chairs of the winery looking out in the field, over the greenery into the open Seneca Lake.   They also had a great wine rack which my mom took a pic of for "reference." :)
Next kitchen???

Heart her

We headed down about '3 inches' to Penguin Bay Winery.  We tasted their wines, including "Tuxedo Red" and "Tuxedo White" :). This winery sponsors the penguin exhibit at the Syracuse Zoo which I recently went to (see blog later) and was adorable.  The labels of all of the different wines were so cute and depicted penguins in acts such playing drums "Percussion Wine" and jumping into the ocean from the dryness of the "Cabernet Wine." We also learned that Penguin Bay was the 3rd sister in the Sister Series of Goose Watch, Swedish Hill and Penguin Bay Wineries.

Our next stop was a no brainer... HAZLITT Vineyards!  Hazlitt was voted one of the Best 25 Tasting Rooms in the US.  This is by far one of the most fun atmospheres and it was "Greyhound Weekend' all around the finger lakes in support and appreciation of rescued greyhounds and owners which is awesome.  Therefore, Greyhounds and their owners were welcomed into the wineries all weekend for drinks, benefits, promoting rescues and dogg-gone-fun!  We got our FREE tasting... hmmmm looks like we won over the taster dude at the door ;)- and indulged in popcorn and red cat... RED CAT, RED CAT, IT'S AN APHRODISIAC... RED CAT, RED CAT, IT WILL GET YOU IN THE SACK!!!

Ohhh man what a blink!

I got a free magnet from Four Square for logging in and 5 bottles of White Stag, 1 Red & 1 White Cat... we had time for just one more place...decisions... But this was not before Moose had to grab ANOTHER slushie... Red Cat Slushie to go!!!
Nice potty and stank eyed swan

Our last stop was 2 Goats Brewery where we were happily greeted by "OG" the rescued Greyhound who followed us around the brewery and we were given another breathtaking view-posted on a desk right out and over Seneca Lake and were able to "paint with all the colors of the wind-" Pale Ale, Amber Bach and  Oatmeal Stout.  Pretty AND refreshing...WIN!
Love the view and all the micro brews!

Great view

On the way home we stopped at Slaterville Springs in memory of AC Slater on Saved by the Bell. 
I wish we had a Screech town.

We had a great day and loved every minute of it!!! Looks like it will be a boating/tubing day tomorrow!

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