Monday, July 25, 2011

Tan fat is better then pale fat!!

I love being home so I can go out on the lake. I have gone out twice this summer and both times have been a lot of fun! The first time I went out I went with my nephews (KJ and Eli), boyfriend (Rick), and mom. My nephews loved the boat...I was unsure if they would. Both of them rode the tube. Eli had a little underwater trouble. The tube went down into the water instead of going up on it and sucked in some water. I lifted him up so he could get his air and he was alright! This kid is a daredevil!!

Eli loved going on his back and just laughed and laughed. KJ was a little uncertain, he held on to the ladder and just stayed close to Rick!!

KJ tubing it up!!!!

The next time I went out it was with my brother, Todd, his girlfriend, Jackie, mom and Spammy. We stopped at the ShortStop Deli in Ithaca for sammies before we went out. I got an RBI (roast beast) it was awesome!!

Todd and Jackie were lake rats!! We got a new tube this year due to the death of Big Bertha. It has been a challenge for us to ride it and get used to diablo--yes we name the tubes. Todd did a great job of keeping Jackie on diablo!!! When it was my turn to ride diablo Spammy knocked me off and I lost my top!! Good thing I had a life vest on :)

Todd and Jackie riding the waves!!!

Mom trying to get on diablo!! Didn't work out so hot for her!!!

Gotta have the Stank Eyed Swan!!!

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