Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stank Eyed Swan

My wolf pack (Moose and Mills) live in Pittsburgh. Every year we get together to go to Jimmy Buffett, which is my favorite day of the year!! While I was out in the Burgh last time we went swimming in Moose's fiance's pool. There was this one blow up swan that was ticking me off--it kept eyeing me.  So I got this bright idea to ride this swan. It was about impossible to stay on the swan and balance!! We tried to ride this swan for hours. Finally we gave up but it still freaked me out that it would stare at me.

Less then a month later we went back out to the pool when I drove out with my boyfriend (Rick) to see my family. Mills was messing around trying to ride the swan and popped it!!! We decided to cut off the head and I would carry it around and take pictures like "flat Stanley."

So throughout this blog you will see pictures of the so called stank eyed swan!!! She has turned into my buddy :)

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