Friday, July 29, 2011

I'll Drink to That... NY Finger Lakes Wine. Tour

We began our day at 8am... this was after waiting for Moose to get here last night (we had bets running) at 10:49pm (Spam) after the poor girl got detoured off of I-80 East at the Lock Haven Exit due to an "ACCIDENT" at Exit 190 that is no where to be found on cyber space...but she was stopped in traffic for over an hour between Exit 178 and 180 where the Highway was closed off and all traffic was re-routed off the Highway... mystery of the year.

In any event, she arrived safe and sound after making the longest drive of her life (by herself) and we DRANK TO THAT upon her walking through the door!!!  We caught up looking through photo albums of our last trips (details to come...) and enjoyed some CL and GWD a la Spam :)

We were a little slow to wake but all completed the ritual of the 3 S's (Shit Shower Shave) OH--and a 4th for KT & MOO (spandex) and were on the road to the Finger Lakes...WINE COUNTRY!!!

After the hour drive or so in the on and off rain storm and having to pay $3.97 for gas because we used CREDIT (grrrrr) we arrived at our 1st stop... a newbie to the tour, Frontenac Point Vineyards...great view, nice staff, good start... not our fav wine.

Our next stop was one of our FAVS... an old treasure...Americana Vineyards.  We enjoyed our tasting as Spammy enjoyed her Fudge tasting (god love our DD) and we bought out the store... 16 bottles of assorted liquid goodness (or what moose would call) "A Velvet Blanket encompassing her tongue" we were on our way only after redeeming our smiles for 3...yes 3 free totes and I bought a hoodie depicting the 2 STARS of the winery...Max & Ruby <3.

Our next stop was Lucas Winery... the oldest winery on Cayuga Lake (1980) and had quite  "Nautie" Time.  This is where the wine started to kick in and we enjoyed some fun GLASSES and "free" corks :)

We followed our nose to the next stop...Sheldrake Point Winery which had a bistro which teased our pallates!  We resisted and Mom and I went right for the "Below" but of course Moose went for her dry reds...UGHHHH (P-P-P-Pucker Face my Pu-uck-er Face:)

We decided to fly over to the Thirsty Owl Yineyards next where we were greeted with a smile and a BAG full of corks... after we asked if we could have a FEW! (SCORE!!!  Moose is making a Cork Board for her Wedding and I am making a Cork Table!)

Bag of Corks??? Yes, please!!!

P.S--Happy Anniversary to Mom and Spammy!!! 17 years :)---Today---AKA Yesterday!! 

At this point, we decided (after watching a hot fresh cheesy flat bread go by) that maybe we should eat on the gorgeous deck of the Thirsty Owl and get more than crackers, "puffs" and bread morsels in us!

We decided to order a bottle of their "Tailspin" (woo woo Spammy) as well as a Cheese/Grape app because we're classy like that!  As we indulged and Moose fought off the bees, or flat bread tomato and mozz. pizza arrived as well as our fancy mac and cheese side.  Spammy and "Foo Foo" enjoyed OPEN FACED 'Roast Beast' sandwiches.  YUMMMMMMY!

Our waitress was the best and took pics as well as chased our menus, napkins and whatever else was flying off our table (including my mom!) and made sure we had the upper deck table- best seat in the house with a raised private view of the entire vineyard and Cayuga Lake...SCORE!

We traveled abut 500 yards down the road to the BARN and Cayuga Ridge Winery.  The classic barn setting was traditional and fun as Moose went up to the LOFT for a photo shoot.  At this point we realized that our time was coming to an end because it was 5:15pm and most of the wineries are only open until 5:30pm...HOW RUDE!

Spammy checked the map while we hurried our samples along and realized that we had room for 1 more that closed within our time limit (apparently 5:30--6:00p) and Goose Watch closed at 6:00pm.

We rushed down the road to our DIAMOND (shout out Jackie) on the and had our last tasting (with the worst service ever "handful of grapes"...really?!?!)  We exited in a haste and were upset enough to leave the bathroom door AJAR ;0  We captured some great pics of the lake as well as the GOOSE a--top the pond and we were on our way.

If you go to wine country or on the boat you have to stop for ice cream!!!! It is a given :)

Ice cream with the Stank Eyed Swan!!! :) 

Great wine, great company, and now a GREAT PLAN FOR TOMORROW TO HEAD UP THE OTHER SIDE OF CAYUGA/SENECA LAKES...stay tuned!

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