Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Early bird gets the worm...

Todd came in last night so I was super excited to get to spend time with my brother since I never see him. We decided to get up early and go fishing before putting rafters on my grandparents garage. We woke up at 6 am ready to go and catch some dinner!! The river we went to was pretty shallow (nothing compared to the Missouri River in Nebraska!!) 

I can't tell you the last time we went fishing together and we told Mom we would bring home dinner!! We casted and casted, not one bite!! We saw many jump so we knew they were out there. We resorted to another kind of meat....crayfish! Todd caught the first one, it had only one claw. We moved down the river a little and tried there. Still no luck but I was determined to get at least a crayfish before we left! My determination paid off! 

Kissing the catch :)

This is the "big" catch we had to bring home to mom for dinner...we starved tonight!!

I love that my brother carries a fishing satchel!!! 

After fishing we had to go put rafters on my Grandparent's new garage roof. What a task!!! 

Got there around 8:30 am  and we though we were going to finish by the end of the day. Five of us were working hard! We hit a huge glitch!! The hydraulics on the lift died..tried thinking of other ways to get it done but didn't happen. Each of the rafters weigh at least 230 pounds!! Not to mention trying to stabilize them 30 feet up in the air. We had a Caterpillar lift that my Uncle even had on three wheels at one time! We got a little bit more then half done...who knew technology advances actually set you back! 
The "Nebraskan" getting it done in New York!

Moral of today...the early bird doesn't catch the worm. But, I did have a great day with my brother who I miss dearly!!! 

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  1. thats sweet you like your brother so much... Im sure he loves you a lot too. I believe that "satchel" is an ammunition bag thats used to kill people. but him making that face doesnt make it any more manlier.