Sunday, October 23, 2011


It feels good to take a personal day. I think everyone needs one once in awhile! This one was I took to go to the Iowa hawkeye game with my boyfriend and his family. I was pumped to go to my first big college game ever!!

We went out Friday night for the game on Saturday. The game was Saturday night which was a bad thing. If you know me you know why it was a bad thing!! Rick found tickets while we were tailgating, which I'm very glad he did :)

Iowa won the game, the stadium did an awesome American flag with cardboard that each game watcher had. I would go back there again.

Result of the weekend=kidney stone.

Sunflower Seeds-- the Addiction in My Life

Softball started on August 8 in Nebraska. Which I am not really a fan of! I grew up in New York so softball was in the Spring and Summer.  I am a die hard softball fan. I poured my heart into it when I was a player and now that I am a coach. Many sleepless nights were in store during season. Which means I get cranky and my blog is not as funny (maybe you don't think it is now). The team is coming together and we have a pitcher this year. One pitcher can make a world of difference!! When softball comes there is only one thing that can get me through the season..Sunflower seeds!! Man how I love them!

Even Simon loves Softball season!

Well anyways we had our season this year. It is a crazy two months and I can't believe it is over!

We ended up finishing the year 4 and 21. If you look at the record it doesn't seem that great, but many records were broken. We now have the most wins in history-woot woot, scored the most wins in a game with 13 and mercyed an opponent for the first time ever. We lost four games by one run so that is always hard when the game could have gone both ways.

Since I have more time now I will continue my updates on my life a lot more now :). Maybe I will become funny again...