Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Last Couple of Days in New York

These are my last couple of days in New York. Moose and I had to do nitty gritty stuff and drove around Binghamton on Monday. Nothing too special--just love spending time with my bestie!

On are way to Vestal! (Nice shirt)

Moo and I shopped around for a bit and printed off some pictures so we could make a cool cork picture holder (even though I cut my hand doing it) for Spammy and Mom. We had some lunch at Moe's--we were sooooo hungry we didn't realize we ate each other's burrito!!!! Classic. 

Moose crossing!!

The rest of the day we chilled out in the pool and hot tub!!!

Plank in the hot tub! 

If you are in the hot tub you better have your Red Cat!!

Of course she HAD to come!!!

Is she drowning Moo???

After the hot tub we had to get one of our favorite games in!!!
That's me!!!!

Moose left this morning and made her second solo trip of her life! I get a couple more days with her this summer and then back to the normal life in Nebraska. 

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