Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I can go forever on "E".....

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile it has been CRAZY!!!! After NY I drove to the BURGH to see my Wolfpack one last time this year!!! I got in on Thursday night after a ridiculous drive of construction+accidents=sitting on the interstate (aka cutting into my drinking time!).

I got to Mills's house and we caught up while waiting for Moose to arrive after her slow pitch game.  It was a pretty low key night for us and a beautiful one to sit out on the deck. Of course we ate slim jims!

On Friday, Mills worked so Moose and I hung out which equaled a totally bronette moment by her. Yes, Bro-nette that's what she called herself one night in NY. We were coming back from Dave's house with her tank running on "E." With the gas light on. (Mind you Mills ran out of gas once less then 5 minutes after saying she could go forever on E a couple years back). Moose just passed a gas station and wanted to make it to the next since it was 4 cents cheaper! That is the Jew in her (love ya). We were headed up a hill when she lost power steering in her already no air conditioned car. We coasted onto a side road. Where I preceded to tell her I don't think she can go FOREVER on E. So, needless to say we had to call Dave to help us out. In the mean time it was very warm out and we were sweating ridiculously which caused us to loose a couple layers of clothes...oops!!!Thank you Dave for rescuing us with gas and a well deserved water-1 liter!!!! At least earlier in the day we caught a glimpse of the batmoblie since the new batman is being filmed in Pittsburgh!!!

Oh ya!!! 1 liter--boy did I chug that thing 

Dave filling up the gas tank!!! Yes--5 gallon jug...

After being rescued we went to the Pittsburgh Pirates game with Mills and Jen. We had standing room only since the Pirates were doing so well--until that week. We chilled in a the parking lot for awhile and then went in, they were giving away free shirts--which I can't seem to locate at the present time...We hung out in our standing room for a couple of minutes and then went to hire ground to get some seats! We had a great view and fun eating peanuts and cotton candy. Pirates lost the a lot.. but we had fun!!!

After the game we went and visited our friend at the fox and the hound. Which was not very smart since I had to get up at 6 the next morning! Oh well when your young you like to have fun!!!

I got up at 6 like planned and had a smooth ride back to Nebraska. The next day I finally moved my stuff back into my place due to the flooding and chilled by the pool since softball started the next day.

Summer is over...going back to reality...

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