Thursday, November 3, 2011

Harvest Season

Yellow, red, and orange leaves start to fall. The mornings are cold and brisk, a wet dew forms on the car windows. The sound of tractors are in the background. The grain elevators have a long line of trucks waiting to drop off there corn.

Then I wake up and realize its not a dream. What am I doing with my life and how'd I end up in Nebraska. I go through my routine day after day but, there's something special about this week. It's Halloween!

This is the week I get to stick knifes in big, plump, odd shaped, orange things. My favorite time if the year. I'm not sure why I like carving so much, since of satisfaction, releasing frustrations, or just reliving my younger days.

I like to do the fancy carvings. The more complicated the better! I need a good challenge after long days among primates.

The best of my three pumpkins this year (Slacking!)

This year I switched it up and went out with some friends the Thursday before Halloween. Everyone needs it once and awhile! Nothing like fingers and eyeballs floating around in your drinks. We went to a haunted house  to check out the fake blood, bad make- up and chainsaws. It was quite humorous leading a pack of ladies who freak about a bug flying around. The haunted house was not the place for them!!! The only real blood I saw was from the nails digging into my skin.

I didn't dress up this year like I have in years past. Oh well, it happens!! It was a good week--especially when you get to make homemade pumpkin seeds!!!

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