Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Planes, taxis, trains, and automobiles...all trips should be this exciting!

I have never been so excited to go home to see my family. The last two weeks seemed like it dragged on. I worked part of the day and finally got to leave to catch my flights to Binghamton, I would be in at 11:07P.M. Which wasn't too shabby considering I NEVER get a flight into Binghamton.

1:47 P.M-Rick dropped me off at Sioux City's Airport and then he went back to work. I had to wait a half hour before the security opened since this airport is super small. Security opened, everyone and their mother thought they could bring liquid bigger then 3.5 ounces on to the plane. After it took me 30 minutes to get through security in the world's smallest airport I should have known I was in for a messed up trip. The plane took off to Minneapolis, Minnesota no problem. Next stop Detroit...

4:01 P.M.-I land in Minneapolis and the weather is amazing. I check my board and every flight in the column is "on time" except for my connecting flight to Detroit, "delayed." I freaked. I would not make my connecting flight. No family for me. When you see them twice a year every minute is precious.

I go to the help line, they re-book me for a flight the next day to Binghamton, I won't get in to 4:00PM the next day. I totally have a mental breakdown in the airport. Sometimes you just need a good cry. I go for a walk thinking to myself that these airport bars are really going to make a killing off of me. Next stop the bar...

5:05 P.M.-I get to the help desk to see what they can do. They only can do so much due to their "powers," AKA the lady behind the desk was lazy and didn't want to help me. She probably didn't want to be the only one alone on Christmas Eve, so was trying to drag me with her. I find out that there is a flight into LaGuardia Airport, New York, New York. I get on the help line again and the lady behind the desk is telling me I cannot do it and won't give me the flight number. But, I book the flight despite the "unfriendly" lady at the counter.

5:11 P.M-I get on the flight to LaGuardia and tell my mom to figure out the rest so I can get home. Next stop LaGuardia ticked counter.

5:19 P.M-I am the LAST one on the flight, so every compartment is packed and my luggage ends up in the back of the plane, I am in the front. Sweeet. Next stop LaGuardia...esh...

8:42 P.M-Flight lands in LaGuardia with no big hiccups.  I receive an e-mail from my mom that I need to be at Grand Central station to get a train out of the city at 9:51 P.M. Which means I have a little more then a hour to get from Queens to Manhattan.  I Google map it and have 8.6 miles and there are no subways to Manhattan. So next stop a taxi!

8:47 P.M- I walk out the front doors and find a taxi right away. Next stop Grand Central Station.

9:09 P.M- I get to Grand Central Station, perfect timing, don't have to worry about much. I go to the help kiosk since I can't find the train to Port Jervis. They tell me I needed to be at Penn Station!!!! Mom told me the wrong station. I need to quick get on a subway so I can get out of the city. I get to the subway tickets and one of them is taken, so one left! I hear "Train to time square is approaching in one minute." I put in $2.50 but don't have the cash machine one. Denied. *sweet* Ask the guy  next to me he says I have to do $4.50, I do it and don't look back. Make it onto the subway. Next stop Time Square.

9:14 P.M- Time Square. Now I need the subway to Penn Station. Next stop Penn Station.

9:21 P.M- Penn Station. I get off, recognize it from previous times but cannot figure how to get to the Metro Train North line. I walk in a circle for a couple of minutes and finally ask someone. I head into the terminal. I see Long Island Line, which I know isn't right, wait in line.....I get up to the window, they tell me I need to be in Grand Central Station...WHAT??? I just came from there...The tell me instead to head upstairs. Next stop Metro North ticket counter.

9:33 P.M.- I get in line at the New Jersey Transit--still not the same line, after I have tried for the last 12 minutes to figure out where I was going. I get up to the window and....

9:40 P.M.-I find out I am in the right line!!!! I bought my ticket and head into the terminal. Next stop the train to Secaucus Junction.

9:48 P.M- I'm distracted by a girl in a Santa outfit playing "Baby, it's cold outside," with the banjo, neon sunglasses on, AND hula hooping. I never wanted to take a video soooo bad in my life but I had to catch this train. Next stop really the train to Secaucus Junction.

9:50 P.M- I get on the train, it is packed, departure time is in one minute. The Ranger vs. Philly hockey game just got out. The train is a double decker and nice. I know I am in the wrong train due to past travels (I never get on nice trains), so it will be short lived. Next stop Secaucus Junction.

10:02 P.M- I get to the Secaucus Junction. I have to go back through a ticket processing station. Find another terminal I am suppose to get to. Look at the clock I have four minutes to catch my train... Next stop train to Port Jervis.

10:07 P.M- On the train to Port Jervis!!! I can relax. Except I have a long train ride-longest one I have ever been on out of the city due to I am on the local line so it stops at everything....oh well--family here I come!! Next stop Port Jervis.

12:27 A.M.- I get off the train with a bunch of drunks and very little lighting. This station only has a platform--no real terminal and my mom isn't there yet. Head to a near by Burger King thinking I can hit up the restroom and get some food...no dice it is closed. Wait for a couple of minutes and here is my mom!!!

12:35 A.M- I have my mom, I get food and hit up a restroom. I am happy :). Next stop home!

2:22 A.M.- I get home.

It wasn't my typical trip, but with me-what is!!! I was 3 hours behind schedule but it beats waiting until 4:00 P.M. the next day. Family is #1 in my life.

P.S- Oh, don't fly Delta.


  1. I'm glad you made it home safe! I hope the return trip is less eventful.

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