Monday, March 12, 2012

So Not a Lion.

Before the day started....
Had to make sure my sandwich fit before I
headed out!!!! 

March 12: Last day off, boy with the weather right now I wish I had all week. Forecast says 68 and partly cloudy. Wake up it is rainy and cloudy...I think to myself that the meteorologist is wrong again. I took care of a couple of things hoping the weather will clear up to go out kayaking. I start putting on the kayak and it is  still rainy,cloudy, and just dreary out.
I even got some worms for my big day, I was
hoping the milk was good luck to store
it next too! 

I was thinking is this the best move...I drove out to Powdercreek to try out my fishing skills while kayaking. I had the lake all to myself. Not one other person showed up all day while I was there.

Got my pole..should of brought my littler one
Weather was starting to clear up, but still some waves. Making it a little harder to fish and stay semi-put. I was having no luck in the kayak with any fish so.....
Tried fishing from shore
Still nothing....I walked some of the shore to see if there was any fish and I didn't see them. Not sure when they stock the lake. I have fished here in previous years and caught some sunfish. Since I wasn't having any luck I decided to switch locations.  And to give up fishing....

There is a place called Goat Island on the Nebraska/South Dakota border. I know they have some geocaches, wasn't too sure how the flood was on them so I headed north. 
The sandbar goes forever!!!
Well I found out where I launched at (the only place I knew of) was two miles down river--the Missouri River. The river was nice and calm, but I still underestimated the power to paddle upstream. There are many sand bars now created due to the flood and the low water levels at this point in the season. Made it kind of difficult.  I thought I did pretty good had to paddle and even carry my kayak across sandbars to get to more water. There was a final sandbar which was .7 long followed by water. I decided that was enough and I wasn't going to get to the geocaches today. I walked around the sandbar for awhile since the weather got really nice. 

Huge sandbars, carried the kayak across this one. 

Stank's first encounter with the dead. 

The only thing I caught today

Since I saw some of the dead fish I headed for this tiny pond. 

I thought maybe I could find some fish to rescue in the water that was trapped. I would hate to see more dead fish because of this. I tried to get close but started sinking to bad and getting stuck. I couldn't get close enough to check it out. 

Some of the sandbar drop offs-  a couple of feet

Not sure what exactly this was, looked like mussels, but I
don't think those are in the Missouri River. 

Cool piece of wood. 

The colors on this wood was nothing else
I had seen on the sandbar. 
 Let's just say the paddle back was a lot easier. I have now researched and found a place A LOT closer to go in at Goat's Island.


  1. Sounds like it was an adventure! That looks like some sort of fresh water clam to me. I tried going upstream in the Chenango. Once. I ended up going .5 miles and I was pretty tired after that. I think that deeper water is easier to paddle in due to a slower current but I still try to stay away from rivers.

  2. I am not really going to go on the river. I just want to get to the Geocache!!