Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Continues-Date Night Jar

March 18: Well today is my One Year Anniversary. Rick and I never can decide on what to do. I saw this idea on pinterest and decided to do a date jar but change it up a little.

              Mason Jar
              Tongue Depressors
              Black Sharpie Marker
              Super Glue
              Black Paint
              Yellow Paint
              White Paint
              Sparkle Glaze
              Black Ribbon

The products cost me a total of $6.43, due to already having a lot of the products in my house.

Step 1: Paint the tongue depressors. I choose white, black, and yellow due to the fact my boyfriend likes the Pittsburgh Steelers!!! I wish :( he likes...cough...cough...cough-Iowa Hawkeyes--which hurts since I am a Husker fan! Like the saying always goes..opposites attract!

The products

Needed a couple of more after getting started
Step 2: Paint the tongue depressors: black, white, and yellow.
Simon wanted to help me paint!!
Step 3: Write fun activities on the sticks. I chose black to be a filler stick. White not as much planning or money and yellow is more planning and money. The possibilities are endless!!!!

White: Take a walk              Board Games            Popcorn and a man flick
           Cook Dinner             Make Cookies          Sit outside
           Homemade pizza      Geocaching                Put together a puzzle

Yellow:  Omaha Zoo            Fishing                      Go to a baseball game
              Camping                Look at dogs             Top Chief Challenge
              Kayaking               Progressive Meal       IMAX Movie
All my date sticks!
Step 4: Put it all in your jar. I found out that since my lid was in two pieces it was better to glue it together and then paint it with a clear sparkly coat of paint! I then super glued a ribbon around it and put a key for the sticks!!! 
Final product

View from up top!!!

I gave it to Rick and he loved it!!! What a relief. He liked how I made the colors towards his team and not girly. :) Point for me!!


  1. That's a really good idea! Me and Jackie can never decide on thing either. I want a picture of our cats together, I'm fairly certain Tak is twice the size of Simon.

  2. It's easy to do! I can help you this summer. I don't see Them hanging out next to each other! How'd Tac get so big? I think Simon is tiny now!