Sunday, March 11, 2012

In Like a Lion?

March 1: Now I have to get a life vest. I am a matchy-matchy person. The only ones I can find in town are blue!!! They do not match my kayak by any means. I may just have to pick one up till I can get to Omaha. My brother sent me a website to get some cool ones but they don't do returns and I am not sure I like that.

March 2: Today, I wonder what I was think trying to launch a fundraiser for softball in the middle of getting ready for prom. Crazy or stupid?? This time I am doing something totally different to try selling pasta. The pasta has many different shapes of various hobbies. A cool thing is that you can order from the website and ship it to your house. I am getting the website ready to go!

March 3: Went back and got the blue vest-it is suppose to be 70 on Tuesday and I am going to take full advantage of it on the kayak!!!

March 4: I still need my paddle so I can go kayaking tomorrow......keep your fingers crossed!

March 5: Rushed home after work hoping my paddle would be home. I pulled up and didn't see it. I got  sad, but the delivery man put it in my door! I was SUPER excited, loaded up my kayak, and headed to a spot called Powder Creek Dam/Reservoir. It was built in 2002 so very new! They built it to help with flooding and duel as a recreation function. It is located in rural Nebraska about 40 minutes from me. The Reservoir is stocked so I will be fishing in it. I bought a water proof back the other day hoping it would keep my phone and keys dry. Didn't do a bad job!!!
My new favorite photo!
Sun set from a kayak!

Trees are still visible from when they filled it
the effect on the bottom was from the bad-sorry!
I paddled around till the sun set and the wind was starting to pick up. I loaded up my kayak and headed to bowling!!!


  1. I like the blurry bottom from the "bad" or is it "back?"

  2. BTW, that little reservoir is very tricky to find. Good thing all of Nebraska is made of 1 square mile blocks. It seems like no one really knows what kind of fish live in there except for bluegills and bullhead. There probably are bass since it's a nice shallow lake. If you do like fishing from the kayak and want to see what you are up against before you head somewhere, I would check this website: I love that chart of the size of fish in each place.

  3. It's suppose to be bag!! Nice find on the PDF!!! Love it. I will have to see which ones are near me. Powdercreek is hard to find unless you know where your going. It is at least a four mile dirt road hike. Many of the places near me are stocked and small in size.