Monday, March 12, 2012

The Lion is Not Fierce...

March 7: Bowled after kayaking last night...esh... 127,132,118...sooo not close to a 200. Good news I'm off for five days AND my mom flies in!!!

March 8: Went shopping with my mom today. Bought a chair I have wanted for at least 8 years!!! My mom finally met my boyfriend's parents. Whew-it went good :)
Simon likes the chair too!

March 9: Went to Lincoln for the day. Mom had never been there and we wanted to watch  Boy's basketball in state. We had time to kill so headed to the old Haymarket. It's got a cool rustic feeling! Decided to eat at Buzzard Billy's a Armadillo/ Cajun place. Wanted to try something new! They had alligator so I decided to go for it. Alligator with crawfish patties and hush puppies! It was awesome! Would so get it again. Mom got jumbalia. First time I tried that too-if your ever in town you should try it. I love Swamp People so I kind of felt the need to go here!!!

 Boy's won their game and our in the championship tomorrow. Since we were going to the championship game we stayed the night in Omaha. That was an early night for me-bazinga!

Want a mint??

March 10: Went to Cabelas to get a better life vest. One that is matchy-matchy and doesn't ride when I sit..
A moose outside of Cabela's 
Then off to the championship game. Boy's were not hot shooting and ended up losing by three. It has been a great three years watching that team. Drove back home- I was exhausted by the end of the night!

March 11: Drove to Omaha and said goodbye to my mom. My little truck has really put the miles on last week. Bought my fishing license today, suppose to be nice tomorrow!!!
Sorry a little blurry...don't take pictures and drive!!! 70 even..

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