Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Rolls On....

March 13: Grilled out tonight. Usually when I try to grill out this early I have to fight the snow! Made some hamburgers and hotdogs that were amazing!!
Old grill but it works!!!!

March 14: Last thing I will complain about is the weather!
7 day forecast! 
March 15: I kept seeing all these posts about people standing up brooms. So I googled the subject and found out it has to do with the Equinox and the position of the planets. I also saw one with an egg. I did the egg and broom together!!!
Maybe I should quit my job....
March 16: Opening day for baseball season!!! Oh, how I've missed you sunflower seeds. There was two baseball games tonight and after the sun went down I put on a wind breaker (had shorts on) usually I have four blankets on me!!!! What a great night!

March 17: St. Patrick's Day. Usually this is a crazy day for me. Let's just say it has been in years past. Wearing ridiculous outfits, getting in fights, running at 4am to my car with wet hair. Would this year be a repeat??? No, this was the only year since I had turned 21 I had not gone out. There comes a point where you grow older and realize that it isn't worth fighting the crowds (all whom think they're Irish), trying to find a way home, and then waking up the next day always regretting something.

Rick and I went golfing in 82 degree weather today. I had never gotten on the course this early in the year. My golf game struggled as a result of being off for the winter. The years of softball playing seem to always come out the first couple of times in the year. I like to try and step then pull my head, resulting in my poor attempt of shooting a 56.
Green water!

Simon taking in the sun rays!!

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