Sunday, March 4, 2012

Finishing out February

February 22:  Four months to Moose's wedding on the beach!!! Can't wait!!!

February 23: SPAM is produced in Fremont, Nebraska! 

February 24: The world's smallest police station is in Friend, Nebraska. The bad thing is I have been there to play a slow pitch softball tournament. When you get off the exit you take a left in less then 200 feet it turns to a dirt lie!!!

February 25: I am also an Athletic Trainer (not sure if I have said that before) for the Sioux City Bandits. The Sioux City Bandits are an indoor football team. We won the championship last year, lets see if we can repeat. Practice started today!!!

In action!N Not the best view...

Everyone has to drink out of the cup!!

February 26: BEST DAY EVER!!!! I GOT MY KAYAK!!!! I did go with the inflatable roof rack and got the Pelican Kayak. 
There it is on my new roof rack! 
My new love!!!

February 27: My brother ordered my paddle for my kayak!!! Can't wait till it gets here!!! Thanks Toddy, I love you and miss you!!! 
We went fishing this summer, this was our "big" catch

February 28: What should I name my kayak????????? Seriously, I love to name my stuff. My Honda Accord is actually named "Truck" because it gets through EVERYTHING!!! Out in Nebraska we have tons of dirt roads and he loves to push through them!!! Please help me think of a name?!?!

February 29: Leap year!!! One week till my mom comes to visit!!!

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