Monday, February 27, 2012

February Moves On

February 8: Prom is coming. You might think what adult cares about prom. I do! I'm in charge of making prom happen. Without me there would be no prom. Well I guess I'm a big deal to prom! Totally different from the school I went to. This year the theme is Hollywood--Rockin' the Red Carpet! Starting to get stressed....can't find invitations or tickets....

February 9: Get through today, day off tomorrow. Get through today, day off tomorrow. Get through today, day off tomorrow.

February 10: We didn't have school today due to a comp day. I needed it! Went to Omaha to pick out my kayak and roof rack. I drive an older car so I had no idea what the rack would run me, I was still kind of stuck on the inflatable roof rack, but not sure...

My first stop was Bass Pro Shop. I used to love this place growing up and wish we had one in my hometown. It was ever outdoor girl's dream. Except this time I was very disappointed by their kayak selection. They had not one with a drywell!! I asked one of the associates and he was like stunned I knew what I was looking for. So, turned off by my once love-- Bass Pro Shop--I decided to leave.

Next stop was Cabellas. I think this was the first time I had ever been in one. They had a half dozen roof racks and one that totally caught my eye- the inflatable one! Maybe it was meant to be. After spending thirty minutes looking at the section I moved on and checked out the life preservers and paddles. But they had no kayaks! Struck out again!!

Dicks Sporting Goods was my third stop. Felt like home since the first store started in my hometown of Binghamton, NY in 1948. They had kayaks!!! A good selection of them!! I found one I fell in love with ( dang it I should have gotten the roof rack) but Dicks didn't have roof racks.
The original location! Kinda old school! 

Now I can go home and research what I liked to see if others agree!!!!

February 11: Finally I can bottle my beer!!! I mixed up the corn sugar, started siphoning the full bucket into an empty one and put in the corn sugar. After all was siphoned into the bucked I started to fill the bottles. The biggest thing when doing this is SANITIZE everything!!!!!
Bottles are sanitized!

Great Color!!! 
I bottled the beer, got 53 bottles out of it. Now I have to wait another two weeks to try it. Not sure if I like this wait thing.

February 12: I have lost thirteen pounds!! Working out does pay off!!

February 13: Snow Day! Very unexpected!! First one of the year which is pretty good since I live in Nebraska.

Rick and I celebrated valentines day today due to me bowling tomorrow. Our first one together! He made reservations to a place that overlooks the Missouri River. This was actually a place we had never been. We walked in and no one was there! Either the weather helped us out or everyone wants to go out on the big V Day! Had a great dinner and ended up driving home in freezing fog. That was my first and hopefully last experience ever with that!
The flowers I got :) Looooove them.....

February 14: Happy Bowling Day! Oh and Valentine's Day! Every time I bowl I hope for a 200.....but it never comes....there is always next week!!!


  1. Sorry I can't go out on Valentine's Day hunny, I have to bowl. Always the romantic!

  2. I know!!! I'm a huge romantic!!!!