Thursday, February 2, 2012

January is almost over...

January 21: It took awhile to decide but Liberty Cream Ale it is for my homebrew. I also ordered some bottles and caps!

January 22: New thing I want to try. Chalkboard Paint. Looks super cool!

chalk cheese plate
Looks easy!
January 23: I love random text messages. Here is a Special Snowman from my Nephew! It is hard being so far away but, messages like this warms my heart!

At least his nose is in the right place!
January 24: I pondered where was my homebrew today. Checked an email-no luck. Checked another- bingo! Clicked on it with the hopes of it being delivered tomorrow. Good news- it was!!! Bad news- I shipped it to my school.... SERIOUSLY?? My school??? What was I thinking- obviously I wasn't!!!! Talk about frantic Frita! I called the place where I bought it and they said there was nothing they could do about it. I called Fed Ex to see if I could get my package re-routed. I had a lengthy conversation with them about how I needed it re-routed....

January 25: Come home from work, package is on my front steps. Good job on the re-route! I guess I type my school address in way to much with all the paperwork I have to do!

January 26: I love when a pet falls asleep on my lap.

Simon loves my lap!

January 27: Some mornings I love wrapping my cold hands about a cup of a warm drink.


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