Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Days

January 13: Friday the thirteenth, oh how I despise you. I swear nothing ever good happens.

January 14: Pinterest!! Enough said--can't get enough of that website!! I'm soooo addicted. Great ideas!!!
So fun!
I think this would be super fun to do....wait I did that when I moved to Nebraksa

January 15: Showering after a good workout and curling up with a good picture book is a nice way to spend a Sunday. P90X is a great workout...I am going to have a rockin' body :)

January 16: Why doesn't Nebraska schools' have Martin Luther King Jr. Day off?? Aren't we trying to get kids to have their own dreams??

January 17: A year ago I went on one of the best vacations ever!!! With my wolf pack!! We went to Deadwood, South Dakota...best vaca ever.

Cheering on the Steelers 
January 18: Salon 10 in Deadwood-what a great place! They had minnow races, I got 3rd place. Won two tee-shirts and a hat. Not bad for a 5 dollar entry fee.

In action at Minnow Races--yeah I beat him...woop
January 19: The wolf pack figured out how to vacation on a budget. Went to Custard State Park, The Bad Lands, and Mt. Rushmore. We hit all the National parks out that way! Christened them too!!!!

Custard State Park

We had all the parks to ourselves or just shared it with two other people. Pretty Cool

January 20: Watch a movie that makes you laugh. Bridesmaids! So can see this being rein-acted this summer. 6/22/2012- Love you Moose!!
Went to the World's Only Corn Palace...

P.S.- In case you want to know result of the Wolfpack weekend.....

Pink Eye....I think someone farted on my pillow