Monday, January 16, 2012

Everyday Something New!

January 5: I wish there was a magic pill that would keep fit.

Everything is sore. Tony Horton kicked my butt in core synergistic this morning. Then I thought since it was 66 degrees in Nebraska today to go for a walk. A three mile walk! Bad bad bad idea....but I can't complain about the weather!!

I wouldn't mind seeing this temp everyday!!!!

January 6: Remember when someone annoys you it takes 42 muscles in your face to frown. But, it only takes 4 muscles to reach your hand out and smack them.

Sooooo mad :(

January 7: Sleep in! If you need the sleep take advantage of it! I slept 10 hours last night. All that traveling and starting to work out must have really got to me! But I did accomplish getting my Christmas tree down! Sweet one thing checked off my list!!!

Happy Birthday to Moo!!!! I misssssss you 

January 8: I found a new thing I want to tackle. My scrap booking is piling up!! Or maybe I will start quilting again :)

My first tee-shirt quilt!

January 9: Working out is it really worth it?? Well I hope so lost 5.5 pounds my first week! Lets see what the future brings!

January 10: Remember family is the most important thing. Miles apart but always in the heart.

Brother, Sister, and Nephew's at Christmas time!!!

January 11: Where's the snow??? It is the 11th and I have seen snow twice..I am getting nervous what may happen!!!

Two years ago all the snow!!! The truck can get through anything!!

January 12:  I look back at some of these pictures and wonder how I got my belly....Hmmmm....ya I think I know!!!
The wolf pack!!!

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