Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kayak Tipping... Better then cow??

April 6: I know I'm a little behind in posting for everyday. I have crappy service lately. But, I had to share this before the others!!!

I had the day off and haven't kayaked in about a week and half. Excited to get out! Couldn't sleep so got up early strapped the kayak on.

I got to Powder Creek via a 20 minute back road detour! 8:15 I'll still take it --I knew I had to be off the lake early today! I paddled to the middle, the wind really starting to pick up and the waves were getting choppy. I wanted some more protection so paddled over into the back bay to try my fishing luck.

Choppy, I see my bobber! 

I got some advice from my brother to go with gulp maggots. I started fishing and floating. The current was really pushing me so I decided to hunker down on the rocks and keep casting. I wasn't really paying attention and all of a sudden my fishing rod jerked. I set the hook and had a nice fight. At the end of my line what did appear???

A 15inch or so Catfish!

I'll take it! 

Super excited me!!!!!

I decided to paddle close to the shore and go to the other side. I got a little close........When this happened.....

In west powder creek I hear the occasional moo and there is more wildlife then your average zoo! I spend most of my day chillin' out kayaking and fishing the lake away. A couple of geese  who were up to no good started making trouble in the lake woods one flew a little close and I got scared, I took a dunk and now I had wet hair!

My hoodie weight about 40 pounds after the dunk!!!

I ended up paddling a little close to a goose nesting area. The water was a little chilly!!! I was right by the shore so no big deal. I laid out my clothes to dry out. I could have walked 1/4 mile to my car for some dry clothes but there's no fun in that. I dried out what I needed to and got back in the kayak.

Caught some Panfish
I had to get going due to Easter weekend.

The truck is all packed up!
Overall, I had a great day! Caught a nice catfish. Thanks Toddy!!! A little water never hurt!!!


  1. HA! That is one of my fears. Not really of getting wet, but of losing all my stuff on the kayak. And my phone would probably be in my pocket and be ruined. Did you lose anything? Did your life jacket work?

  2. Loved reading this! So glad to see that you still embrace life this way and make it so positive. Stay warm and dry!

  3. I try and live a no regrets life everyday!!! Still my motto!! My fear is the dry thing but I put my keys and phone in my dry lock bag, it worked! I wasn't deep enough so my life preserver played no role.