Thursday, June 7, 2012

Blake Lake's Quest

When we got up I was disappointed that the aurora borealis never came. I have always wanted to see it, guess I'll just keep looking at the night sky. Blake Lake looked like a sheet of glass when we got up. What a sight it is to see.

Let's go fish!!! Love watching the sunrise especially in
the kayak
We headed over to our "trusty" bay to catch bait for the day.  Again, I failed completely. Good thing I had Todd to catch the "small" fish. He tells you how he catches them on, Flyyak. 

We caught some bigger then this, the bigger
fish loved them!
Todd was successful at getting bait. It started to sprinkle which brought the fish to the surface, but they didn't want to eat what we were serving up!

Still had a great morning! 
When we got back, we checked the weather. BAD NEWS.  Who knew this would already be our last day. There was a huge rainstorm blowing in, 36 hours of rain with 35-40 mile per hour winds. In a kayak=no fun. We decided to be safe and take off early, even though we did not want to leave our glory island.  Todd and I decided to grit it out as long as we could. 

The wind is starting to blow and the white caps are starting. 
One thing we don't do is give up. Our challenge is, lets see how many fish we can catch before it starts raining. 
So proud 

Too bad it wasn't bass season Toddy. 
Well Todd won that round, but I think I won the biggest :).  Even though our trip got cut short we had an awesome time together. It was nice taking a vacation and doing something we both like.  I am glad I got the opportunity to spend time with my brother, learn new fishing techniques/tips, reminisce about the past, and most of all just have fun. 

My favorite pictures of the trip will be coming!!


  1. I'm glad we were both able to go. I'll be staring at these pictures until the next time we go.