Saturday, June 2, 2012

Black Lake

After a crazy school year I was ready to get away from people (except my brother) and technology. Black Lake is located in Northern New York near the Canada border. My family has owned Bull Head Island since 1958. Many people don't see it as anything. I see it as a fishing paradise. My brother and I packed up our kayaks and headed up Interstate I-81, to finally experience peace and quite.

Kayaks are loaded. Took us a while to get
them on one car. Let's see if they hold!
The drive seemed to take twice as long as usual. But, inside I felt like I was a little kid again going into New York City's Toys R' Us. The Yaris took us off the exit and towards our launch spot. It had been at least twelve years since I set foot on Bull Head Island. It is amazing how you get caught in a "always on the run" life and forget to enjoy the little things in your heart. As we drove through the little towns that used to contain our shopping mart that sold bait and ice were now boarded up with "no trespassing" signs. I thought what happened to these small towns in twelve years. We picked up a bag of ice that would be our only line to cold food due to no electricity on this island.

Continuing on we reminisced on how the "drunk guy" stumbled out of this house, what happened to the llamas at that field, and when the swimming hole was built. It all comes back to you, no matter how long it has been. We turned off of Black Lake Road where we used to fight as kids about who would open the Cow Gate. Our Dad would say "Don't let the cows out!," now I think if a cow was coming-I don't think I would stand a chance! The cows are long gone along with the big red barn who lost its life to a fire. The infamous dirt/rock road takes us to our launching site for our kayaks. Our dog, Tanner, used to hate the dirt road and jump on our laps as we were sardines in the back of a 1986 Chevy Station Wagon. We passed the once cow bars that kept the big black and white cows out of Black Lake. Now we are home free. 



  1. Said even better than I could have! Where's the rest?!

  2. It looks like paradise to me too. How lucky you are to have your own private island.