Sunday, June 3, 2012

Black Lake's Adventures

 We unloaded the kayaks from the make shift dirt and gravel sloping earth. There was an instant calmness that struck me...I went back to all my childhood memories of fishing, swimming, and exploring the infamous Black Lake. I looked into the lake and for the first time in my life I could actually see in it. It didn't have the blackness that once took over this mass 20 mile natural lake which was carved out by glaciers some 15,000 years ago. A creature called the Zebra Mussel has now moved into this once pristine untouched lake. The Zebra Mussel started in Russia and because people think it is such a good idea to introduce it to other places it is now a very invasive species.
Zebra Mussel--make sure you wash your boat/kayak to
prevent hitchhikers! 

This is the clearest I have ever seen the lake 

Todd and I kayaked over to Bull Head Island "Paradise" which is only about a .25 paddle (one way) we ended up taking two trips due to our gear and food. After we made our second trip back we got everything ready we needed to survive for the next three days since we don't have electricity. Then we started to do what we love the
Our Paradise

Todd got right down to fishing and.....
It paid off!!! A Bow fin!! It is a "little guy"
I came right in the game with a Large Mouth Bass,
it isn't bass season so threw the fishy back 
We got a couple on land but decided to get in the kayaks and see what we could bring home. 

We went through the back bay and I was paving the way!
If you look the lily pad flowers were up 2 more inches then
the water, that's how quick it dropped from the day before. 
The weeds tried to get the best of us but we weren't going to let that happen.....
Reeled in a Northern Pike in the kayak, you can see his
nose lost in the weeds 

Northern Pike--22 inches 
Meanwhile watch your step when you put your fish in the water.....stepping on algae is a success unsuccessful!!!
Man down! 
I had never really gotten the hang of fly fishing and my brother being such a great guy took the time to show me how to catch the "big one!"

My first fish on the fly rod!!!! Yeah, he's HUGE!!! 
We fished all the way to sun set. 

Can't complain about my backyard up here!

Trying to catch that fish that kept jumping!!! Nice and calm

Wind started to pick up

Clouds started to move in (the back of the cabin)

But, in the end the first day was a success!

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