Sunday, August 12, 2012

No Complaints

After a long drive back to Nebraska hauling a Uhual I was beat for a couple days.
Honda Loaded, Kayak...check...Lets see if it will make the 1,077
mile trek 

I was quite full!!! Gotta have the shot surfboard
Well needless to say the Honda made it. Now I was excited to get back on the lakes and start kayaking again before I head off on my next trip to St. Louis and softball/school start. 

I went to a different place this time Buckskin Lake. It is about 25 minutes from my place. The lake is tucked hidden in the rolling hills and gravel roads in Nebraska.  Buckskin Lake is on 75 acre prairie land and was built as a flood control reseivor. It was a nice peaceful morning and a great day to get out, since I knew it would heat up fast. 

Very calm morning
I started fishing and seeing dead fish...The heat wave/no rain is so bad it is taking the oxygen out of the water leading to ichthoid death. (I didn't think you wanted to see pictures of dead fish so not posting them).

Since the water is not really moving and combined with the heat the algae/seaweed is overtaking the lake. 

Tons of green--first person to find the frog I will send you a
bobber (it may be used--keep reading)

I hooked one small mouth bass. Just a tiny guy. 

Paddling around I was just as happy. Instead of fish I found a stash of bobbers and hooks.

My stash 
 I was kind of mad when I found the "big" hook...And I wasn't sure why I did get mad--maybe because it was tied to a tree...I only wonder what are they fishing for in this lake???  A whale?? (Since it is illegal to hunt whale in Nebraska).

Not getting this bobber..

I cleaned them up...
They have been in there awhile some of them

Simon helped

P.S-Obviously I am a little behind on some of my posts. I'll try and get caught up!


  1. A smallmouth! And no pictures? I always prefer smallies over largemouths. Nice work cleaning up some of that trash- or should I say treasure?

  2. I said I "hooked" it..didn't get it in the kayak :)It is a treasure! If they work it isn't trash