Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Message in a Bottle

Recently my best friend got married. I helped her with some favors: here's how I did the message in a bottle.  

I used small bottles 

Find the paper you like cut it in half! At the
wedding people could write their blessings
to the bride and groom. 

Need sand and shells 

String to tie the bottles, corks, and I didn't
end up using the blue rings (I got silver ones)
Roll up the paper small, tie with the blue string. Put the desired about of sand and shells in the bottom. Place a cork on it.

Your message in a bottle!

Still needed something else. So took super glue ran a quick line down the side of the bottle, wound twine around it, and place a silver ring to attach name cards!

Easy, simple, not a lot of money. 

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